New Page: An Overview of the (Military) Staff Officer

Blackadder, Captain Darling (1), Staff OfficerA new webpage has just been uploaded ‘An Overview of the (Military) Staff Officer’ which can be found here. A downloadable PDF version can be found here.

What does the article contain?

  • What is a staff officer?
  • Command officer versus staff officer.
  • How to become a staff officer.
  • Staff officer grades.
  • Staff assistants.
  • The role of a staff officer and standards.
  • Officer, Staff (2)The art and science of military planning.
  • Staff officer branches and ‘new’ prefixes.
  • Civil-military cooperation and examples of staff officer appointments.
  • The doctrine of completed staff work, as well as how to promote and coach it.
  • Publications.
  • Types of staff systems.
  • Perspectives on staff officers
  • TV series, useful document, further reading and references.

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