Causes & Measures to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes

Research Paper Title Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes. Abstract Sudden cardiac death is defined as an unexpected death, occurring usually within one hour from onset of symptoms in cases where the death is witnessed and in unwitnessed cases within 24 hours of the individual last being seen alive and well. Sudden cardiac death in athletes is the leading… Read More


New Tests Help Find Best Future Recruits for the British Army

Two new tests have been introduced to the Gurkha selection process in Nepal to ensure all future troops are in top physical condition. For the first time, the 2014/15 intake was required to undertake so-called functional mobility screening (FMS) – various stretching and balancing exercises – to examine muscle flexibility and strength as well as an ECG to check for possible heart problems.… Read More

What is the Incidence & Nature of Medical Complications during 21 & 56km Running Races?

Research Paper Title Medical complications and deaths in 21 and 56 km road race runners: a 4-year prospective study in 65 865 runners—SAFER study I Background Cardiac arrest and sudden death during distance-running events have been reported but other medical complications, including serious life-threatening complications have not been well described. Objective To document the incidence and nature… Read More

First Aid: Compression Quality Counts

It is compression quality that counts when it comes to cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A systematic review and meta-analysis conlcudes that deeper chest compressions and rapid rates of compression are associated with significantly improved survival from cardiac arrest. Survivors were significantly more likley to have received chest compression rates closer to 85-100 compressions per minute than non-survivors.… Read More