New GSM for London District

A new Garrison Sergeant-Major (GSM) has been appointed to the London District. Warrant Officer Class 1 (W01) Vern Stokes (Coldstream Guards) will oversee ceremonial events in the capital and beyond following the departure of WO1 (GSM) Bill Mott (Welsh Guards), who retired after 13 years in the job. Cutting an imposing figure at nine-feet tall in his bearskin, WO1 Stokes… Read More


New Arthritis Clinic for Veterans

An Army surgeon has launched a pioneering NHS clinic for veterans suffering from arthritis. Lieutenant Colonel Carl Meyer, of 16 Medical Regiment, set up the facility at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital near Oswestry in Shropshire, where he is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Thought to be the first of its kind, the centre is open to anyone who has served in the… Read More

The British Army & Flexible Working

Speaking in Soldier Magazine, General Nicholas Carter, professional head of the British Army, has stated that “We are now looking very open-mindedly at the viability of part-time service, job sharing and flexible hours.” He went on to say the a pilot scheme for flexible working involving ten officers is due to start in the next month or so but the… Read More

British Army Appoints First Female Major General & First Female Brigade Commander

  Brigadier Susan Ridge is set to become the first Servicewoman to achieve the rank of Major General (OF-7). She is currently working as Director Legal Advisory (Army Legal Services), providing advice to the chain of command on disciplinary matters through to dealing with military complaints and enquiries. In her new role as Director General Army Legal Services, which she takes up in September,… Read More

New Tests Help Find Best Future Recruits for the British Army

Two new tests have been introduced to the Gurkha selection process in Nepal to ensure all future troops are in top physical condition. For the first time, the 2014/15 intake was required to undertake so-called functional mobility screening (FMS) – various stretching and balancing exercises – to examine muscle flexibility and strength as well as an ECG to check for possible heart problems.… Read More