What is the Number of Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) in the RAMC?

The number and breakdown of allied health professionals (AHP’s) in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) is outlined in the table below. AHP Type/Rank [1] Pte LCpl Cpl Sgt SSgt WO2 WO1 Total CMT [2] 395 495 380 290 195 105 35 1895 EHT [3] ¬ 15 20 15 10 5 ¬ 75 ODP [4]… Read More


What is the Establishment & Strength for RAMC Medical Officers for 2017?

The table below outlines the establishment and strength of medical officers in the Royal Army Medical Corps on 01 June 2017. Table 1: RAMC Establishment & Strength by Rank Rank Establishment Strength Captain 91 90 Major 291 260 Lieutenant Colonel 208 110 Colonel 58 50 Brigadier 4 10 Total 652 520 Note The establishment data… Read More

Discussing Captain Capon’s Cure: Food, Fitness & the British Army’s Physical Development Depots, 1936–1939

Discussion Paper Title Captain Capon’s Cure – Food, Fitness and the British Army’s Physical Development Depots, 1936–1939. Abstract In the late 1930s, the British Army faced a manpower crisis that threatened imperial defence. This predicament was made worse by the rejection on medical grounds of a worryingly high number of potential recruits. To try and reverse this… Read More

Resilience: Understanding the Drivers for Combat Medics

Research Paper Title Narrative approach in understanding the drivers for resilience of military combat medics. Background Qualitative insights may demonstrate how combat medics (CM) deal with stressors and identify how resilience can potentially develop. Yet, qualitative research is scant in comparison to the many quantitative studies of health outcomes associated with military service. Methods Semi-structured… Read More

Has There Been A Revolutionary Approach to (UK) Combat Casualty Care?

Research Paper Title A Revolutionary Approach to Improve Combat Casualty Care. Background Military medicine has historically advanced in war. Advances in concepts, technology, organisation and operational processes have occurred during the contemporary conflicts of the last decade. Aims To determine whether the advances constitute a ‘Revolution in Military Medical Affairs (RM2A)’; To demonstrate my role within a revolutionary transformation;… Read More

New Arthritis Clinic for Veterans

An Army surgeon has launched a pioneering NHS clinic for veterans suffering from arthritis. Lieutenant Colonel Carl Meyer, of 16 Medical Regiment, set up the facility at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital near Oswestry in Shropshire, where he is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Thought to be the first of its kind, the centre is open to anyone who has served in the… Read More

Forward Surgery and Combat Hospitals: The Origins of the MASH

Did you know that the US Army adopted forward surgical hospitals (SHs) during World War I on the advice of the British and French armies. The purpose of these SHs were not just to save lives, but to benefit the military by returning more patients to duty and reducing the size of the hospital system… Read More