What is the Establishment & Strength for RAMC Medical Officers for 2017?

The table below outlines the establishment and strength of medical officers in the Royal Army Medical Corps on 01 June 2017.

Table 1: RAMC Establishment & Strength by Rank
Rank Establishment Strength
Captain 91 90
Major 291 260
Lieutenant Colonel 208 110
Colonel 58 50
Brigadier 4 10
Total 652 520


  1. The establishment data was taken from the Army Manpower Planning Liability 16.5.
  2. This accounts for all RAMC professionally qualified doctors (PQO), including RAMC medical officers and allied health professionals (AHP).
  3. There are 10 (rounded) trained doctors who were in command and staff appointments not accounted for against the RAMC (PQO) establishment.
  4. Numbers are rounded as per Defence Statistic rules.


FOI 2017/07503 dated 18 August 2017.


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