A Brief Overview of Hollymoor Hospital

Introduction Hollymoor Hospital was a psychiatric hospital located at Tessall Lane, Northfield in Birmingham, England, and is famous primarily for the work on group psychotherapy that took place there in the years of the Second World War. It closed in 1994. Brief History Construction and Expansion The hospital, which was designed by William Martin and… Read More


Who was Lucy Ozarin?

Introduction Lucy Dorothy Ozarin (18 August 1914 to 17 September 2017) was a psychiatrist who served in the United States Navy. She was one of the first women psychiatrists commissioned in the Navy, and she was one of seven female Navy psychiatrists who served during World War II. Early Years and Education Ozarin was born… Read More

Who is Hikaru Saeki?

Introduction Hikaru Saeki (佐伯 光, Saeki Hikaru, 03 April 1943 to Present) is the first female admiral of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) and the first female in the entire Japan Self-Defence Forces (JSDF) to achieve star rank. Originally an obstetrician-gynaecologist with the degree of M.D., Saeki joined the JMSDF in 1989. After her… Read More

Who was Albert Ross Tilley?

Introduction Albert Ross Tilley, CM OBE (24 November 1904 to 19 April 1988) was a Canadian plastic surgeon who pioneered the treatment of burned airmen during the Second World War. Early Years Tilley was born in Bowmanville, Ontario and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1929. He opened a private practice in Toronto at… Read More

An Analysis of Burnout Among Military General Surgery Residents

Research Paper Title An Analysis of Burnout Among Military General Surgery Residents. Background Resident burnout is an increasing issue in graduate medical education programs. Military graduate medical education is unique in numerous ways and may have different rates of burnout as well as different causes. This study aims to assess resident burnout rates and contributing… Read More

TCCC Knowledge & Training

Research Paper Title Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training, Knowledge, and Utilization in the US Army. Background Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is the execution of prehospital trauma skills in the combat environment. TCCC was recognised by the 2018 Department of Defence Instruction on Medical Readiness Training as a critical wartime task. This study examines the… Read More

US Army Medical Personnel Training

If a person decides to become an army doctor, they will obtain a military rank. Thus, such a person will not only have to attend medical school, they will also receive training in military culture and leadership. In other words, getting ready to become a military doctor is not only about writing an assignments relating… Read More