What is the Number of Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) in the RAMC?

The number and breakdown of allied health professionals (AHP’s) in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) is outlined in the table below.

AHP Type/Rank [1]PteLCplCplSgtSSgtWO2WO1Total
CMT [2]395495380290195105351895
EHT [3]¬152015105¬75
ODP [4]¬20105105¬55
Pharmacy Technician¬1010105¬¬35
Biomedical Scientist101010¬¬30


  1. Pte = Private; LCpl = Lance Corporal; Cpl = Corporal; Sgt = Sergeant; SSgt = Staff Sergeant; WO2 = Warrant Officer Class 2; WO1 = Warrant Officer Class 1.
  2. CMT = Combat Medical Technician.
  3. EHT = Environmental Health Technician.
  4. ODP = Operating Department Practitioner.
  5. ¬ = Fewer than five.
  6. – = Zero.
  7. The data has been rounded to the nearest five to limit disclosure and ensure confidentiality.
  8. Totals and sub-totals have been rounded separately and so may not appear to be the sum of their parts.


FOI 2018/08152 dated 05 July 2018.


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