Who was Gary M. Rose?

Introduction Gary Michael Rose (born 17 October 1947) is a retired United States Army officer (1967-1987) and a Vietnam War veteran. For his actions during the war, Rose was recommended for the Medal of Honour, but this was downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross due to the classified nature of the mission in Laos. He… Read More


Evaluation of Trainees’ Perception of Learning & Academic-self Perception during a Combat Medic Course

Research Paper Title Combat medic course: evaluation of trainees’ perception of learning and academic-self perception. Background In response to the Syrian Civil War, the Turkish Armed Forces has focused its attention on internal security and border operations, thereby cushioning against both the threat of terrorist activities and supporting international peace efforts. This study was performed… Read More

What is the Number of Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) in the RAMC?

The number and breakdown of allied health professionals (AHP’s) in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) is outlined in the table below. AHP Type/Rank [1] Pte LCpl Cpl Sgt SSgt WO2 WO1 Total CMT [2] 395 495 380 290 195 105 35 1895 EHT [3] ¬ 15 20 15 10 5 ¬ 75 ODP [4]… Read More

Comparing Surgical Cricothyrotomy Techniques by US Army Combat Medics using a Synthetic Cadaver Model

Research Paper Title A randomized cross-over study comparing surgical cricothyrotomy techniques by combat medics using a synthetic cadaver model. Background Cricothyrotomy is a complex procedure with a high rate of complications including failure to cannulate and injury to adjacent anatomy. The Control-Cric™ System and QuickTrach II™ represent two novel devices designed to optimise success and… Read More

Can Military Occupation Inform the Understanding of Suicide Attempt Risk among Soldiers?

Research Paper Title Suicide attempts in U.S. Army combat arms, special forces and combat medics. Background The US Army suicide attempt rate increased sharply during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Risk may vary according to occupation, which significantly influences the stressors that soldiers experience. Methods Using administrative data from the Army Study to Assess… Read More

EMT Certification & US Military Medical Technicians

Research Paper Title An Assessment of National EMT Certification Among Enlisted Military Medics. Background Navy Hospital Corpsmen (HMs) are the Navy equivalent to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) both in-garrison and on the battlefield. In 2000, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education Agenda for the Future highlighted the need for a single certification agency to provide… Read More

Outcomes of Emergency Department Wounds Managed by Combat Medics

Research Paper Title Emergency Department Wounds Managed by Combat Medics: A Case Series. Background Combat medics are an integral part of their unit helping to conserve the fighting strength. Minor wounds are a common problem in the deployed settings that affect a soldier’s ability to partake in operations. While the medics often manage wound care,… Read More