Outcomes of Pectoralis Major Tears in Active Duty US Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Outcomes of Pectoralis Major Tears in Active Duty US Military Personnel: A Comparison of Surgical Repairs Performed in the Forward Deployed Setting to Those Performed in the Continental United States. Background The purpose of this study was to compare pectoralis major tears in active duty military personal repaired surgically in the forward… Read More


Chronicling Philip Harker Newman (1911-1994): Dunkirk Hero, War Psychologist & Orthopaedic Surgeon to Sir Winston Churchill

Research Paper Title Philip Harker Newman (1911-1994): Dunkirk hero, war psychologist and orthopaedic surgeon to Sir Winston Churchill. Abstract Philip Harker Newman an orthopaedic surgeon and a major in the Royal Army Medical Corps was left behind to man a casualty clearing station during the evacuation of Dunkrik in 1940. Newman was made a Prisoner… Read More

Military Executives: Linking Internal & Orthopaedic Conditions with Physical Fitness

Research Paper Title An evaluation of the significance of individual endogenous risk factors and medical and orthopaedic conditions on physical fitness in military executives. Background As part of occupational health promotion in the Bundeswehr (military services of the Federal Republic of Germany), top-ranking executives were offered a medical examination and training programme. The participants were… Read More

New Arthritis Clinic for Veterans

An Army surgeon has launched a pioneering NHS clinic for veterans suffering from arthritis. Lieutenant Colonel Carl Meyer, of 16 Medical Regiment, set up the facility at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital near Oswestry in Shropshire, where he is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Thought to be the first of its kind, the centre is open to anyone who has served in the… Read More

The Evidence Base for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

According to Stefan Lohmander and Ewa Roos, writing in an editorial in the British Medical Journal, the evidence base for orthopaedics and sports medicine is ‘scandalously poor in parts’. This is what they found: Medicine rests on an uneven evidence base. Some interventions are supported by large multicentre randomised controlled trials that have a low… Read More