Canada’s New Rules of War: When to Shoot a Child Soldier

“What do you do when the enemy taking aim at you is a nine-year-old? One of the worst dilemmas soldiers face is what to do when they confront armed children. International law and most military codes treat underage combatants mainly as innocent victims. They offer guidance on their legal rights and on how to interrogate and demobilise them. They have… Read More


(UK) Military Family Children & the Impact of PTSD

Research Paper Title Exploring the impact of parental post-traumatic stress disorder on military family children: A review of the literature. Background The number of UK service personnel who have a diagnosis of PTSD is unclear, but there has been a recent increase in referrals to services for PTSD symptomology. It is imperative to understand the… Read More

The Evidence Base for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

According to Stefan Lohmander and Ewa Roos, writing in an editorial in the British Medical Journal, the evidence base for orthopaedics and sports medicine is ‘scandalously poor in parts’. This is what they found: Medicine rests on an uneven evidence base. Some interventions are supported by large multicentre randomised controlled trials that have a low… Read More

Physical Activity & School-related Factors

Research Paper Title School Related Factors and 1yr Change in Physical Activity amongst 9-11 year old English Schoolchildren. Background Activity levels are known to decline with age and there is growing evidence of associations between the school environment and physical activity. In this study the researchers investigated how objectively measured one-year changes in physical activity… Read More

Swimming, Asthma & Children’s Fitness

Swimming is a good way for children with asthma to keep fit, according to a systematic review of eight trials. Swimming was well tolerated by children with stable symptoms and helped improve aerobic fitness and lung function compared with no prescribed exercise or golf (one trial). Swimming training made no difference to quality of life… Read More