What do we know about Women Service Members, Veterans & their Families?

Research Paper Title Women service members, veterans, and their families: What we know now. Background The purpose of this paper is to highlight what we know now about female service members, veterans, and their families. The experiences of U.S. female service members and veterans are more complex than previous eras and significant demographic changes have… Read More


US Military Personnel: Resilience, PTSD & PTG

Research Paper Title Resilience, post-traumatic stress, and posttraumatic growth: Veterans’ and active duty military members’ coping trajectories following traumatic event exposure. Abstract As part of the “Joining Forces” Initiative (“JFI”), the White House and nursing leaders announced nurses’ commitment to recognise symptoms, provide care, and refer veterans and active duty military members for post-traumatic stress… Read More

Canine Assistance & Military Veterans with PTSD

Research Paper Title Military veterans and canine assistance for post-traumatic stress disorder: A narrative review of the literature. Background Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are a vulnerable population at high risk for depression, isolation, and suicide. A substantial body of anecdotal evidence exists supporting the use of canines as an effective adjunct treatment for… Read More

(UK) Military Family Children & the Impact of PTSD

Research Paper Title Exploring the impact of parental post-traumatic stress disorder on military family children: A review of the literature. Background The number of UK service personnel who have a diagnosis of PTSD is unclear, but there has been a recent increase in referrals to services for PTSD symptomology. It is imperative to understand the… Read More

Education: Matching Civilian Nurse Training & Military Veterans’ Needs

Research Paper Title Educating nurses to care for military veterans in civilian hospitals: An integrated literature review. Background In the UK, military veterans will receive care by civilian nurses in civilian hospitals. The researchers propose that the nurses providing this care require an understanding of the unique experiences and specific health needs of veterans to… Read More