5 Winning Wilderness Workouts

Introduction Traditional workouts at the gym are great, but they are not the only place where you can get your exercise. Nature provides you the perfect arena to push your body to its limits. During the past year, many public gyms were closed due to pandemic restrictions and, consequently, people had to get creative about… Read More


5 Recreational Activities That Help You Stay Fit

Staying fit is a challenge for many people in America and around the world. The main issue is that most people see fitness and exercise as something that is tough and that they should avoid. They associate fitness with the displeasure they experience after a session at the gym. The thing to note, however, is… Read More

4 Things People hate the most about Swimming Lessons

“Teaching kids to swim is just as important as teaching them to walk,” Rowdy Gaines (three-time Olympic medallist). Gaines also stated that there would be an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning risk as a consequence. Swimming lessons are just so essential, given the fact that drowning is the second leading cause of death… Read More

Staying In Top Shape after Retirement

A military career often comes with a rigid and invigorating physical exercise regime. As the guardians of your nation’s safety and freedom, you always want to be in the best possible shape. But, as you reach retirement age, it can be tough to keep to the same schedule as you may have had when you… Read More

Linking Water Temperature & Exercise Performance

Research Paper Title The Effects of Water Temperature on Physiological Responses and Exercise Performance during Immersed Incremental Exercise. Introduction Aquatic exercise such as swimming is performed in the water of 18 to 34 °C because of the differences in ambient environmental conditions. Heat conductivity of water is greater than that of air, therefore water temperature… Read More

Swimming, Asthma & Children’s Fitness

Swimming is a good way for children with asthma to keep fit, according to a systematic review of eight trials. Swimming was well tolerated by children with stable symptoms and helped improve aerobic fitness and lung function compared with no prescribed exercise or golf (one trial). Swimming training made no difference to quality of life… Read More