5 Ways To Prepare for Combat Duty

The period before a combat deployment can considerably tire you, both physically and mentally. The very thoughts of war, especially if it is your first time on the battlefield, can take a heavy toll on you. But even so, it is necessary to keep calm and prepare in the best way you possibly can. Here… Read More


4 Things People hate the most about Swimming Lessons

“Teaching kids to swim is just as important as teaching them to walk,” Rowdy Gaines (three-time Olympic medallist). Gaines also stated that there would be an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning risk as a consequence. Swimming lessons are just so essential, given the fact that drowning is the second leading cause of death… Read More

Does Physical Fitness Predict Survival in Men with Type 2 Diabetes?

Research Paper Title Physical Fitness Predicts Survival in Men with Type 2 Diabetes. Introduction Progression is rarely linear. Once highly mobile hunters and gatherers, we have evolved into a technologically advanced but kinetically stagnant species. Sedentary societies define today’s cultural norms. The adverse health outcomes associated with sedentary behaviour have led many to conclude that sedentary behaviour… Read More

TV Casting Call: Experts Required for a New Survival TV Series

Left/Right, an award-winning TV production company, is developing a survival television series and are looking for experts from a variety of backgrounds to host. They are specifically interested in finding former military for this new, exciting project. Left/Right believes former military possess the resilience, unmatched skill set, and ability to thrive in extreme conditions that they… Read More

Fieldcraft & Elk: Learning Skills & Drills!

“Wily elk learn to outsmart hunters WITH age comes wisdom. Older female elk learn to avoid getting shot by hunters, and may adapt their behaviour to the hunting threat at different times of year. Henrik Thurfjell [and colleagues (2017)] at the University of Alberta, Canada, and his colleagues put GPS tracking collars on 49 female elk in… Read More

Denial & Survival…

Denial has no survival value. “…since ‘pure’ truth not only does not exist, it has no survival value whatsoever.” (Wilden, 1972 & 1980, p.303). Although often credited to Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman talking about violent encounters (Buckeye Firearms Association, 2015): “Denial kills you physical, mentally, and financially. It has no survival value. Chew it up,… Read More