What is a Gillie Suit?

A Gillie Suit is a mesh, sleeveless overall that is camouflaged with foliage, strips of hessian and Manilla rope. Each Gillie Suit is tailored to the individual and a sniper is expected to maintain and camouflage it to a high standard. Advertisements Advertisements


Does the UK Military Use Permethrin in Military Clothing?

The UK Armed Forces use the multi-terrain pattern (MTP) combat clothing designed to blend with a range of environments such as woodland, jungle, compounds, crops, grassland and arid stone. MTP cloth used to make combat jackets, trousers and under body armour combat shirts for use in warm/hot weather conditions is treated with Permethrin insecticide. Reference FOI 2018/00437… Read More

A Cultural-Historical Geography of Camouflage

Research Paper Title From Dazzle to the Desert: A Cultural-Historical Geography of Camouflage. Abstract This thesis approaches the cultures and geographies of military conflict, charting the history of military camouflage through a multi-faceted biography of this technology’s life-path. By studying the scientific biography of Dr Hugh Cott (1900-1987), eminent zoologist and skilful artist turned camoufleur in… Read More

Fieldcraft & Elk: Learning Skills & Drills!

“Wily elk learn to outsmart hunters WITH age comes wisdom. Older female elk learn to avoid getting shot by hunters, and may adapt their behaviour to the hunting threat at different times of year. Henrik Thurfjell [and colleagues (2017)] at the University of Alberta, Canada, and his colleagues put GPS tracking collars on 49 female elk in… Read More