What was the Philadelphia Experiment?

Introduction The Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment (many say urban legend) supposed to have been carried out by the US Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, sometime around 28 October 1943 (during World War II). The United States Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was claimed to have been… Read More


What was the Battle of Calabria (1940)?

Introduction The Battle of Calabria, known to the Italian Navy as the Battle of Punta Stilo, was a naval battle during the Battle of the Mediterranean in the Second World War. Ships of the Italian Regia Marina were opposed by vessels of the British Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy. The battle occurred 30 miles… Read More

HMS Liverpool: A Brief History of Ships of the Name

There have been seven ships in the Royal Navy to bear the name LIVERPOOL. Ships of the Name Seven ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS LIVERPOOL after the city of Liverpool, whilst another was planned: HMS Liverpool (1741) was a 40-gun fifth-rate frigate, built as HMS Enterprise but renamed before being launched… Read More