Opioid Addiction Risks Among Athletes & How to Get Rid of It

Introduction Being a professional athlete entails that your body is your biggest asset. Physical performance is critical to your success, and injuries are common in sports. Pain management is essential to the recovery process, and in some cases, prescription painkillers are necessary. However, the use of opioids can lead to addiction, which can be detrimental… Read More


5 Ways to Stay in Shape while Recovering from Addiction

Introduction There is growing evidence that exercise can be a powerful tool in an individual’s recovery, with experts believing that regular physical activity/exercise can be a healthy ‘stand-in’ for addictive substances. With this in mind, many treatment centres have incorporated exercise into their treatment programmes, alongside other aspects of treatment, including therapy. What are the… Read More

7 Ways to Stay Fit while Recovering from Alcoholism

Introduction Exercise is a key aspect of maintaining one’s health, and it has been proven to offer many benefits for both physical and mental well-being. And, when it comes to addiction and recovery, exercise and physical activity can provide even more advantages which can aid the journey to sobriety easier. In addition to the positive feelings everybody… Read More