Linking (Military) Fitness Tests for Job Selection or Retention with Job Performance

Research Paper Title Fitness Tests and Occupational Tasks of Military Interest: A Systematic Review of Correlations. Background Physically demanding occupations (i.e. military, firefighter and law enforcement) often use fitness tests for job selection or retention. Despite numerous individual studies, the relationship of these tests to job performance is not always clear. Methods This review examined… Read More


US Army: Enlisted Soldiers, Mental Health & Suicide Risk

Enlisted soldiers in their first tour of duty are the most likely to attempt suicide, says an analysis of US Army data published in JAMA Psychiatry (Ursano et al., 2015). The risk was particularly high among soldiers with a recent mental health diagnosis, the longitudinal retrospective cohort study found. In recent years the rate of… Read More

Is the Military Behavioural Activation & Rehabilitation Course (MBARC) Effective?

Research Paper Title An Initial Evaluation of the Clinical and Fitness for Work Outcomes of a Military Group Behavioural Activation Programme. Background Behavioural Activation (BA) is an evidence-based psychological treatment for depression based on behavioural theory. However, in common with other talking therapies, there is limited evidence about occupational factors related to treatment. This is… Read More

Enhanced Mental Health Assessment during Routine & Discharge Medicals in the UK Armed Forces

Research Paper Title A Pilot Study of an Enhanced Mental Health Assessment during Routine and Discharge Medicals in the British Armed Forces. Background A pilot study to assess the practicality of introducing an enhanced mental health assessment (EMHA) into all routine and discharge medicals of the UK Armed Forces in order to facilitate treatment prior… Read More

Organisational Change & Employee Health

A recent study of the Whitehall II cohort in Occupational and Environmental Medicine (2013,doi:10.1136/oemed-2013-101385) finds that “organisational change affects employees’ health negatively in the short term but also that it is possible to recover from such negative effects.” I would presume to say that the short term effect is due to the fear of losing… Read More