Age at First Drink & Severity of Alcohol Dependence in Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Age at first drink and severity of alcohol dependence. Background Early age at first drink (AFD) has been linked to early onset and increased severity of alcohol dependence in various studies. Few Indian studies on AFD have shown a negative correlation between AFD and severity of alcohol dependence. The study aimed to… Read More


Linking Sexually Transmitted Diseases & the Predeployment Time Period

Research Paper Title Cross-Sectional Study of Sexual Behaviour, Alcohol Use, and Mental Health Conditions Associated With Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Deploying Shipboard US Military Personnel. Background Limited comprehensive data exist on risk behavior associated with sexually transmitted infections (STI) among ship-assigned US military personnel during the predeployment time period (PDT). This study examined whether sexual… Read More

The Outcome of Restricting Retail Hours of Alcohol Sales within an Army Community

Research Paper Title Restricting Retail Hours of Alcohol Sales within an Army Community. Background Excessive alcohol consumption continues to be a significant concern to overall military readiness; each year, it results in non-deployable active duty service members and service members separated from service. In 2009, The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommended limiting the hours… Read More

Beer Gut Drunk!

A man in the US started producing beer in his gut after it accidentally became colonised by high levels of brewer’s yeast. The normally healthy 46-year old began to experience mental fogginess, dizziness and memory loss in 2011 and had to give up his job. He saw multiple doctors, but they could not work out… Read More

Umm, Should I Drink Red Wine?

According to a new study of 3,000 people, red wine is linked to a diverse microbiome (Le Roy et al., 2019). That’s a more diverse gut microbiome than people who drink other kinds of alcohol. Having a wide array of gut bacteria is thought to be beneficial to health. The team behind the work think… Read More

Do Insomnia Symptoms Predict Increased Alcohol Use Disorder Symptoms among Military Service Members and Veterans?

Research Paper Title Prospective associations between insomnia symptoms and alcohol use problems among former and current military service personnel. Background Despite evidence that insomnia symptoms exacerbate alcohol use disorder symptoms, there is a dearth of prospective research testing bidirectional associations between these variables. Furthermore, no studies have prospectively examined these associations among military personnel, a… Read More

British Army Alcohol Advisers

British Army units are being reminded about the importance of appointing alcohol advisers. The role sees personnel sent on a day and a half training course so they can become focal points for alcohol advice in their formation, helping to raise awareness of the issues around booze and support anyone with problems. Each unit or… Read More