Insomnia & Military Performance

Research Paper Title Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia treatment in a military deployed operational setting utilizing enlisted combat medics: a Quality and Process Improvement Project. Abstract Insomnia disorder is a prevalent condition especially among the American military, affecting up to 50% of service members. It is shown to affect military performance. Guidelines recommend the use… Read More


Linking Insomnia & Psychiatric Disorders in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Psychiatric disorders moderate the relationship between insomnia and cognitive problems in military soldiers. Background There has been a great deal of research on the co-morbidity of insomnia and psychiatric disorders, but much of the existing data is based on small samples and does not assess the full diagnostic criteria for each disorder.… Read More

Linking Insomnia, Psychiatric Disorders & Suicidal Ideation in Canadian Armed Forces Personnel

Research Paper Title Insomnia, psychiatric disorders and suicidal ideation in a National Representative Sample of active Canadian Forces members. Background Past research on the association between insomnia and suicidal ideation (SI) has produced mixed findings. The current study explored the relationship between insomnia, SI, and past-year mental health status among a large Canadian Forces (CF)… Read More

Doctors Suggest Adjustments for Better Shut-eye

“Got sleep? If only it were as easy as grabbing a glass of milk. Anyone who has wrestled in the darkness — fighting off nightmares or tossing and turning through sleepless nights – knows how hard it can be to grab good Z’s. The real-life nightmares of combat, not to mention all of the other sleep-sucking… Read More

Sleep Hygiene & Exercise

Parabellum generally sleeps well, but according to “The Great British Bedtime Report” the average Briton goes to bed at 11.15 pm and achieves just six hours and 35 minutes of sleep (that’s me), with a third of adults getting less than six hours. However, previous research argued that less than 5 hours and over 8… Read More