Why Is Warming-up before Exercising So Important?

Introduction If you are interested in going to the gym or doing any other physical activity, you have probably heard a million times that you need to warm-up well before you start exercising. Different people have different reasons why they believe that the warm-up is obligatory, but everyone agrees that you should not skip it.… Read More


Assessing the Evidence regarding Warm-ups for Military Fitness Testing

Research Paper Title Warm-ups for military fitness testing: rapid evidence assessment of the literature. Background Warm-up exercises are commonly used before exercise as a method to physiologically prepare for strenuous physical activity. Various warm-up exercises are often implemented but without scientific merit and, at times, may be detrimental to performance. To date, no systematic reviews… Read More

Effects of Warm-up on Performance & Metabolism

Research Paper Title   Effects of Active, Passive or No Warm-up on Metabolism and Performance during High-intensity Exercise.   Background   The aim of this study was to determine the influence of type of warm-up on metabolism and performance during high-intensity exercise.   Method   Eight males performed 30 s of intense exercise at 120%… Read More