Talking Point: How Do You Deal With Participants Arriving Late To Class?

Scenario You are in the local venue (gym or outdoors) and your participants are well and truly warmed up and getting stuck into their workout when a latecomer sneaks into the group (or attempts to) and starts doing the exercises as if they have been there all along. Some of you may not need to imagine… Read More


HR Advice: Severe Weather FAQs

What should I do if I am unable to come to work? You should follow normal absence reporting procedures and, depending on your circumstances, discuss with your line manager alternative working arrangements, such as: Working from home; Working from an alternative work-place; Changing your work pattern; Leave; or Working back the time. What leave is… Read More

British Army RSM Salutes Royal Marines Sergeant-Major

In what year was the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Coldstream Guards required to salute the Sergeant-Major of the Royal Marines Battalion (formed for London Duties)?

Outdoor Fitness: Workers/Employees & Social Media Use

An article by Jonny Gifford, Research Advisor with the CIPD, talking about social media use by workers/employees and HRs role. I think this article should give Outdoor Fitness companies, managers and workers/employees food for thought about the appropriate use of social media. Blurred Lines – Autonomy or Control in Social Media? Our increasing use of… Read More

New Sections

Two new sections ‘Military Fitness Policies and Protocols’ and ‘DITS Example Lesson Plans’ can both be located under the main page heading of ‘Regulations & Qualifications’. The first new section provides downloadable files for the fitness policies, protocols and tests and assessment of the various branches of the UK regular forces. The second new section provides downloadable… Read More