New One-Stop Career Portal on Defence Connect

A portal has been launched on Defence Connect to bring together information on careers policy, specialist courses and other Service opportunities. It offers personnel greater access to both Army-wide and cap badge-specific information, whether for themselves or to help them advise subordinates. The one-stop-shop was developed after research found that access to career information was… Read More


Intelligence & Resourcefulness…

‘A British General after viewing the work of the Canadians in attack at Paardeberg [sic], said: “Those men can go into battle without a leader, they have intelligence and resourcefulness enough to lead themselves.’ They did not stand beside stones waiting for an order to get behind them and save their lives. They saved their… Read More

The Strands of War…

“The Strands of War are four in number, … I. The quality and capability of the commander. II. The quality and capability of the troops. III. Morale. IV. Resources.” Lieutenant Colonel A.H. Burne, DSO, RA (Retired), The Art of War on Land (1944) Alfred Higgins Burne D.S.O., C.I.E., O.B.E., F.S.A. (1886-1959) was a British Army… Read More

The Six HR Challenges for (Fitness) Businesses

Introduction In simple terms, human resources (HR) is about the management and development of people. However, as business owners/managers we have to think of our workers as more than numbers on a spreadsheet or database. Like a business, workers have wants and needs, both professional and personal. And, it is important to understand this, as… Read More

What is the Basis on which the British Armed Forces is Exempt from Disability & Age Discrimination?

Legisation The British Armed Forces are exempt from the age related provisions of the Article 13 EC Employment Directive 2000 (Employment Directive 2000/78/EC). This allows Member States to provide that the Directive, insofar as it relates to discrimination on the grounds of disability and age, shall not apply to service in the Armed Forces. The… Read More

British Army: Established Post vs the ‘Black Economy’

An established post is one where a requirement for a service person has been endorsed and funded, and is identified by a Position Identification (PID), to which an individual is assigned. The ‘black economy’ arises when manpower is transferred unofficially from an established post to create a role which is not endorsed or funded. Although this… Read More

RAFVR (T) versus RAFVR (UAS): To Attest or Not to Attest?

Did you know that Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR) University Air Squadron (UAS) recruits are attested, as they are enlisted as servicemen and then immediately re-mustered with the status of Officer Cadet, as per Air Publication 3392 Volume 7. In contrast RAFVR (Training Branch) (RAFVR(T)) are not attested because this would then give them the… Read More