RAFVR (T) versus RAFVR (UAS): To Attest or Not to Attest?

Did you know that Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR) University Air Squadron (UAS) recruits are attested, as they are enlisted as servicemen and then immediately re-mustered with the status of Officer Cadet, as per Air Publication 3392 Volume 7.

In contrast RAFVR (Training Branch) (RAFVR(T)) are not attested because this would then give them the disciplinary power and authority over RAF Regulars and RAF Reserves. The RAF states there has never been a requirement for a uniformed volunteer, who delivers youth activity, to hold disciplinary powers over Regular and Reserve personnel. Furthermore, RAFVR(T) are not liable for deployment, so are therefore not required to swear an allegiance to Queen and Country.


FOI Request: FOI 2017-11300 dated 01 December 2017.


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