Soldier TACOS now in One Publication

The major elements of terms of service policy have been put into one publication. Soldier Terms of Service has information on engagements, promotion, assignments, transfers and career opportunities. It is available now on Defence Connect. Reference Soldier. (2020) Terms Made Simple. Soldier: Magazine of the British Army. August 2020, pp.14. Advertisements


British Army Promotion Policy Changes from 01 July 2020

The Army policy on accelerated promotion is being updated. The new regulations will be live from 01 July for Regular and Reservepersonnel and come into effect from the 2020-21 annual reports. Soldiers graded with a potential recommendation of “exceptional for promotion one rank up” in their annual report, short tour or duty period report and… Read More

Service Parents: Remember your Free Childcare!

Parents are missing out on 30 hours of free childcare a week because they are not applying for it in time when moving back to England. That is the warning from the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) Directorate of Children and Young People. Working parents with youngsters aged three to four are eligible and the MOD… Read More

MOD States Impact of Pension Ruling Personnel Unclear

Soldiers face a wait to find out how they will be affected by a recent ruling on firefighter pensions. An earlier court decision found that changes made to the emergency service workers’ arrangements in 2015 discriminated against younger staff who were forced to move to less beneficial schemes. The government tried to appeal against the… Read More

Linking Perceived Inappropriate Workplace Relationships & Discipline Policy

Scenario A husband and wife, Army Sergeant and civilian respectively, break up after 18 years of marriage. This is due to the husband having a workplace fling with a female Private, both working in an operational unit. One week after splitting up the wife makes a complaint to her husband’s line manager. Should anyone be… Read More

What is the Upper Age Limit for Entry as a RAF Weapons System Operator?

The current upper age limit for entry, as a civilian candidate, as a RAF Weapons System Operator is 32, with a maximum age of 33 on entry to training (AP 3376, Edition 6). Previously, the upper age limit was 26 on entry to training (AP 3376, Edition 5). References Air Publication 3376: Ground Trade Personnel and… Read More

RAFVR (T) versus RAFVR (UAS): To Attest or Not to Attest?

Did you know that Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR) University Air Squadron (UAS) recruits are attested, as they are enlisted as servicemen and then immediately re-mustered with the status of Officer Cadet, as per Air Publication 3392 Volume 7. In contrast RAFVR (Training Branch) (RAFVR(T)) are not attested because this would then give them the… Read More