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“War is the ultimate resource of policy, by which the nation seeks to impose its will on its enemies in defence of its honour, its interests, and its existence.” British Field Service Regulations 1909 (with amendments 1914) Advertisements


Learning from Soft Power: A Need for Soft Healing in the 21st Century.

Research Paper Title Learning from Soft Power: A Need for Soft Healing in the 21st Century. Abstract The limitations of direct military intervention—“hard power”—for achieving foreign policy are increasingly highlighted by international events. Policy makers, military leaders, and intelligence experts now recognise the crucial role of preventive policy approaches—“soft power”—to tackle the multifaceted, upstream causes of conflict and instability. Soft power… Read More

Learning from Soft Power: Healthcare & the Military

The value of ‘soft power’ versus ‘hard power’ is very much flavour of the month and is hotly debated. Below is a BMJ article that utilises the concept of soft power for the healthcare environment. The limitations of direct military intervention – or ‘hard power’ as politicians call it – for achieving foreign policy are… Read More

Article: Ceteris Paribus: Gender, Roles & the Military

A new article is available for download. Download here: Ceteris Paribus: Gender, Roles & the UK Military (2013) This article focuses on gender in the UK regular forces. It looks at: MOD policy; Legislation; Pay and gender; Roles by gender; Exclusion reasoning; Elite and special forces; Gender by rank and service; Objective criteria and standards; and… Read More