Linking Knowledge, Novices, & Collaboration in Learning Outcomes for Teams

Research Paper Title Effects of Prior Knowledge on Collaborative and Individual Learning. Background Collaborative learning is an extensively used instructional technique by which individuals interact in small groups to learn to solve academic problems. This study aimed to determine the impact of task-specific prior knowledge on individual learners and collaborative groups that were instructed to… Read More


Learning from Soft Power: Healthcare & the Military

The value of ‘soft power’ versus ‘hard power’ is very much flavour of the month and is hotly debated. Below is a BMJ article that utilises the concept of soft power for the healthcare environment. The limitations of direct military intervention – or ‘hard power’ as politicians call it – for achieving foreign policy are… Read More

Learning through Gamification

On first glance ‘gamification’ has all the hallmarks of an L&D buzzword, destined to burn bright but inevitably fizzle out. But the reality is that gamification is all around us and appears to be here to stay. And it’s not just about playing Candy Crush during the morning commute. Your shopping trip is ‘gamified’ as… Read More