Developing Situational Awareness through Game-Based Instructional Packages

Research Paper Title Urbanism: A Game-Based Instructional Package for Conducting Counterinsurgency Operations. Abstract Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom have identified the need for instructional and training solutions that develop the skills of Battalion and Brigade Commanders in formulating situational understanding in order to successfully lead operations in a counterinsurgency environment. In this paper the researchers describe the UrbanSim Learning… Read More


Learning through Gamification

On first glance ‘gamification’ has all the hallmarks of an L&D buzzword, destined to burn bright but inevitably fizzle out. But the reality is that gamification is all around us and appears to be here to stay. And it’s not just about playing Candy Crush during the morning commute. Your shopping trip is ‘gamified’ as… Read More

The Future of Hiring?

Online gaming ‘helps predict candidates future job performance’. The future of recruitment lies in hiring for ‘predicted performance in role’ rather than judging a candidate on past skills or competencies. However, to do this HR would need to radically shift its thinking around how it assesses candidates and embrace online gaming or ‘gamification’. Apparently the trouble… Read More