Developing Situational Awareness through Game-Based Instructional Packages

Research Paper Title

Urbanism: A Game-Based Instructional Package for Conducting Counterinsurgency Operations.


Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom have identified the need for instructional and training solutions that develop the skills of Battalion and Brigade Commanders in formulating situational understanding in order to successfully lead operations in a counterinsurgency environment.

In this paper the researchers describe the UrbanSim Learning Package, a game-based instructional software suite for Commanders and their staffs for directing and coordinating full- spectrum operations where the stability component is predominant.

The researchers describe a formal instructional design approach to the development of this instructional software, which consists of a component that introduces key concepts in counterinsurgency operations and a component that allows students to develop their skills in a simulated counterinsurgency environment.

The researchers also describe how intelligent automated tutoring is used to provide formative feedback to students in the practice environment, and discuss their approach to student performance assessment.

Reference & Document

Urbanism, A Game-Based Instructional Package for Conducting Counterinsurgency Operations (McAlinden et al., 2008)


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