Learning from Soft Power: A Need for Soft Healing in the 21st Century.

Research Paper Title Learning from Soft Power: A Need for Soft Healing in the 21st Century. Abstract The limitations of direct military intervention—“hard power”—for achieving foreign policy are increasingly highlighted by international events. Policy makers, military leaders, and intelligence experts now recognise the crucial role of preventive policy approaches—“soft power”—to tackle the multifaceted, upstream causes of conflict and instability. Soft power… Read More


Genes & the Placebo Effect: Are You Easily Pleased?

The effectiveness of placebo may depend on someone’s DNA, so writes The Economist. Give someone who is sick a sugar pill that you have told him is a powerful drug, and it will often make him feel better. Even if you tell him what it really is, he may still feel better. The placebo effect,… Read More

Research: Rotator Cuff Tears

  Research Paper Title Management of Rotator Cuff Tears: A Review and Treatment Strategy. Abstract The aim of this review was to present an overview of degenerative rotator cuff tears and a suggested management protocol based upon current evidence. Degenerative rotator cuff tears are common and are a major cause of pain and shoulder dysfunction.… Read More