Medical Discharge due to Femorocetabular Impingement for the UK Armed Forces between 2008 and 2018

Between 01 April 2008 and 31 March 2018, there were 204 Regular personnel who had a read code for femorocetabular impingement (FAI) entered in to their primary care medical record (Information is recorded into the Defence Medical Information Capability Programme, DMICP, which is a centralised data warehouse of coded information). Of the 204 personnel, 38… Read More


Is There a Link between Tendinopathy & Diabetes Mellitus?

Research Paper Title Is there an association between tendinopathy and diabetes mellitus? A systematic review with meta-analysis. Background Musculoskeletal symptoms limit adherence to exercise interventions for individuals with type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes may be susceptible to tendinopathy due to chronically elevated blood glucose levels. Therefore, the researchers aimed to investigate this potential association… Read More

Office Workers: Back Pain, Fatigue & Workforce Productivity

Research Paper Title Breaking Up Workplace Sitting Time with Intermittent Standing Bouts Improves Fatigue and Musculoskeletal Discomfort in Overweight/Obese Office Workers. Background To examine whether the introduction of intermittent standing bouts during the workday using a height-adjustable workstation can improve subjective levels of fatigue, musculoskeletal discomfort and work productivity relative to seated work. Methods Overweight/obese… Read More

Running Injuries & Illness 08

Sport and Exercise Medicine Sport and exercise medicine (SEM) is a relatively new National Health Service (NHS) specialty that was set up in 2005 in response to the growing need to manage musculoskeletal and exercise-related injury and illness. SEM consultants are trained in musculoskeletal medicine, exercise prescription and promotion and public health and as such… Read More

Research: Rotator Cuff Tears

  Research Paper Title Management of Rotator Cuff Tears: A Review and Treatment Strategy. Abstract The aim of this review was to present an overview of degenerative rotator cuff tears and a suggested management protocol based upon current evidence. Degenerative rotator cuff tears are common and are a major cause of pain and shoulder dysfunction.… Read More