How to Avoid Shoulder Pain During a Press-up

How to Avoid Shoulder Pain During a Press-up (aka Push-up for our American friends). One of the best things about boot camp fitness workouts is the fact that they often require very little equipment. Whether you are in a class with a dozen other people or have put together your own makeshift boot camp workout… Read More


How to Avoid & Treat these Common Fitness Bootcamp Injuries

These days, fitness bootcamp classes are incredibly popular. However, at the same time, so is the number of people who are injuring themselves during these intense workouts. The issue here is not the workouts themselves; rather, it is participants and exercise professionals who do not know how to properly prevent and treat workout-related injuries. Explained… Read More

Rotator Cuff Tear: Treatment & Recovery

Introduction Recovering from a rotator cuff injury can be a long and arduous process but it does not mean you have to give up the fitness routine you have created for yourself. Understanding what your rotator cuff is, and how it works, will allow you to better modify your daily regimen and boot camp workout… Read More

Surgery, Rotator Cuff Tears & Ultrasonography

The rotator cuff gives the shoulder joint its wonderful versatility, but also most of its problems! It is often a tough call deciding which cuff problems need surgery and which will get better naturally. However, if surgery is contemplated, simple scanning of the shoulder by an experienced ultrasonographer is a good predictor of which rotator… Read More

Research: Rotator Cuff Tears

  Research Paper Title Management of Rotator Cuff Tears: A Review and Treatment Strategy. Abstract The aim of this review was to present an overview of degenerative rotator cuff tears and a suggested management protocol based upon current evidence. Degenerative rotator cuff tears are common and are a major cause of pain and shoulder dysfunction.… Read More