6 Collagen Health Benefits (Infographic)

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Linking Recruit Training & Civic Education

Research Paper Title Does U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Training Constitute a Type of Civic Education? Abstract In what respects can military basic training affect veterans’ civic identities? According to a 2015 report published by the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC), military service positively affects civic health. While social scientists have also noted this possible connection,… Read More

What are the Effects of 12 Weeks of Physical Training on Body Composition & Physical Fitness in Military Recruits?

Research Paper Title Effects of 12 Weeks of Physical Training on Body Composition and Physical Fitness in Military Recruits. Background The aim of this study was to analyse the morphological and functional changes in military recruits after twelve weeks of physical training. Methods The sample consisted of 130 volunteer recruits aged 18–19 years. Anthropometric variables… Read More

Never Say Never About Our Child

My Two Pence This is a story that tugged at my heart strings and thought it would be good to share. I believe there are a number of lessons that can be drawn from this story but I will leave it to the reader to decide which. The Background In the latest of a monthly… Read More

Can Healthy People Gain from Health Apps?

Yes (Iltifat Husain): A health app is a piece of smartphone software that purports to offer the user some health benefit. Many of these apps are aimed at people with diagnoses; for example, they teach the correct use of an asthma inhaler or collect blood pressure results by syncing wirelessly with a blood pressure monitor. But many are aimed at… Read More

Congratulations to My Wife: Dr Heather Marshall

This post is dedicated to my Wife, Doctor Heather Marshall (aka Mrs Marshall, Dr McCallum, Mother Bear!) who – after 19 years of hard graft, perseverance, dedication – has achieved one of her life’s ambitions, becoming a fully qualified, independent medical practitioner. Heather has wanted to be a doctor since she was a little girl displaying her… Read More