Nutrition and Longevity: Healthy Diet Tips on How to Live Longer

Everybody wants to live a long life. Our six tips for healthy eating will let you do just that! Read More


What to Eat Before and After High-Intensity Workouts

While it is no secret that military workouts and training regimes are some of the toughest ones out there, a lot of people still find themselves unprepared because they ignore the nutrition aspect of their training regime. With high intensity workouts, you are going to be pushing your body to its limits and beyond, and… Read More

Simple Foods with Exceptional Health Benefits

The things we put into our body have a large impact on our overall health. While many of us enjoy a good unhealthy fast food meal, it is necessary to stock the fridge and cabinets with foods that are good for us. You might even have some healthy foods in your home already. However, some… Read More

Eating & Drinking Before a Workout

Should I Eat Before A Workout? To get the most out of your workout, you need to give your body the right fuel. Eating a meal of snack before exercise will ensure your fuel stores (muscle glycogen) are topped up so that you can exercise harder and longer. Ideally, a pre-workout meal should be consumed… Read More

Protein Meals: Beans versus Meat

“A study found that protein-rich meals based on beans sated people faster than meat. They also ate 12% fewer calories at their next meal.” (REPS UK, 2017, p.7). Reference REPS UK (2017) Beasts v Beans! Fitness Matters: Official Magazine of REPS UK. Issue, Spring 2017. Leeds: Coachwise Limited.

Some Fibre Each Day Keeps Your Nut Allergy Away, Well Possibly

New research by Tan and colleagues suggests that a high fibre diet could prevent nut allergies in humans. It is important to note that Tan and colleagues’ research was conducted on mice, which doesn’t always crossover well to humans. Mice specifically bred to have this allergy were less likely to experience anaphylactic shock from peanuts… Read More