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A new sub-section fo the blog ‘Running: Injuries and Illness’ can be found under the main page heading of ‘Run!’. The article includes eight sections which will focus upon one particular aspect of running injuries and illness, and include: History and Examination Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Patellar Tendinopathy Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome Shin Pain Plantar Fasciitis Running Illness… Read More


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Sport and Exercise Medicine Sport and exercise medicine (SEM) is a relatively new National Health Service (NHS) specialty that was set up in 2005 in response to the growing need to manage musculoskeletal and exercise-related injury and illness. SEM consultants are trained in musculoskeletal medicine, exercise prescription and promotion and public health and as such… Read More

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Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome The Illiotibial band (ITB) runs along the lateral aspect of the thigh, formed by the tensor fascia lata and the gluteus maximus. It originates at the iliac crest and inserts into the lateral tibial condyle, crossing the hip and knee joints. Illiotibial band friction syndrome (ITBFS) describes the phenomenon common to… Read More