Citing Wikipedia

An interesting article by Lane Rasberry in the BMJ titled ‘Citing Wikipedia: Don’t do it – Wikipedians wouldn’t’: Wikipedia should not be cited as a source of information. It is a summary of primary and secondary sources, all of which should be referenced, so people wishing to cite information found in Wikipedia should follow its… Read More


The Economic Contribution of Fitness Centres

In the 21st century fitness is about more than just delivering individual-level health benefits. With the specter of obesity, an aging population and an enduring economic downturn, we have the national economy to consider. In 2009 Fitness Australia commissioned Access Economics to conduct research to quantify the economic contribution of fitness centres to the Australian… Read More

Article: Ceteris Paribus: Gender, Roles & the Military

A new article is available for download. Download here: Ceteris Paribus: Gender, Roles & the UK Military (2013) This article focuses on gender in the UK regular forces. It looks at: MOD policy; Legislation; Pay and gender; Roles by gender; Exclusion reasoning; Elite and special forces; Gender by rank and service; Objective criteria and standards; and… Read More