Combatting Age-Related Weight Gain: Understanding the Role of Hormones in the Aging Process

Introduction Age-related weight gain refers to the gradual increase in body weight that occurs as we age. This type of weight gain is common due to the changes in body composition, hormones, and metabolism that occur as we get older. The fat mass tends to increase while muscle mass decreases with age, leading to a… Read More


Does Diet & Exercise Affect Brain Ageing?

According to de Lucia and colleagues (2020), yes they do. People with certain variants of genes that play a key role in brain ageing seem to respond better to a healthy lifestyle. Some versions of the SIRT1 gene are affected by amount of exercise and some variants of the GRB10 gene by whether people eat… Read More

Signal Interpolation & Analysis of Gait Variability

Research Paper Title Gait variability analysis through phase portrait estimated from the Hilbert transform. Abstract Gait variability has been used to evaluate the ability to control gait. Several studies approached this topic by analysing the influence of different conditions on gait variability, such as different walk speeds, inclined surfaces, load carriage, or comparing characteristics of… Read More

What is the Relationship between Age, Osteoporosis & Coronary Artery Calcification?

Research Paper Title Relationship between age, osteoporosis and coronary artery calcification detected by high-definition computerized tomography in Chinese elderly men. Background Few studies have analysed the relationship between bone mineral density (BMD) and coronary artery calcification (CAC) in older men, and it remains subject to debate. The present study was designed to evaluate the age-related… Read More

What is the Upper Age Limit for Entry as a RAF Weapons System Operator?

The current upper age limit for entry, as a civilian candidate, as a RAF Weapons System Operator is 32, with a maximum age of 33 on entry to training (AP 3376, Edition 6). Previously, the upper age limit was 26 on entry to training (AP 3376, Edition 5). References Air Publication 3376: Ground Trade Personnel and… Read More

Canadian Armed Forces: Linking Cortisol & Cytokines with Age, Sex, and Anthropometry

Research Paper Title Levels of circulating cortisol and cytokines in members of the Canadian Armed Forces: Associations with age, sex and anthropometry. Background To assess blood levels of cortisol and cytokines (inflammatory and non-inflammatory) in members of the regular Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and examine the associations between sex, age and adiposity and circulating levels… Read More

How Old Is Your Brain?

Just like the rest of our body, the brain can sometimes age quicker than we do. Now researchers at Imperial College London have a way to find out how old the brain really is (O’Hare, 2017). James Cole and colleagues trained a computer algorithm to estimate age based on brain images from 2001 healthy people, then tested it on… Read More