Fighting Osteoporosis with Regular Exercise

Nearly all adults over the age of 60 have dealt with or are currently battling bone density loss. Your bones age just the same as the rest of your body and, as time goes by, the natural loss of bone material far exceeds the rate of new cell production. Bones that are broken down are… Read More


What is the Relationship between Age, Osteoporosis & Coronary Artery Calcification?

Research Paper Title Relationship between age, osteoporosis and coronary artery calcification detected by high-definition computerized tomography in Chinese elderly men. Background Few studies have analysed the relationship between bone mineral density (BMD) and coronary artery calcification (CAC) in older men, and it remains subject to debate. The present study was designed to evaluate the age-related… Read More

Linking Bone Metabolism & Density with Vitamin D Deficiency

Research Paper Title Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Influence on Bone Metabolism and Density in a Brazilian Population of Healthy Men. Abstract Vitamin D supplementation is universal for postmenopausal women, but not for elderly men, in whom osteoporosis is also commonly neglected. This study aimed to evaluate vitamin D deficiency and its association with secondary… Read More

Hopping Mad or Hopping Healthy!

Hopping can have health benefits according to a study reported by the Daily Telegraph (Finnigan, 2015). The Hip Hop Study from Loughborough University shows that hopping for two minutes a day improved bone mineral density in the active compared with the non-active leg of 34 men aged 65-80 years. In the Book ‘Hopscotch’ (Jaffe, 2002),… Read More

Older People: Osteoporosis, Fractures & Exercise

 A recent British Medical Journal (BMJ) article pointed out that most fractures in people of 70 years or older occur in those without osteoporosis. Therefore, the answer to the problem cannot lie in more bone densitometry and biphosphonate prescribing. A 5-year follow-up report from a Finnish trial suggests that exercise programmes could be far more… Read More

Low Back Pain & Physical Activity

Introduction Low back pain (LBP) is an extremely common occurance amongst the UK population. Although most LBP episodes are simple and self-limiting, symptoms of LBP can be a major cause of physical and psychological disability, placing huge demands on society through the loss of working days and demands on medical resources. Facts & Figures Back… Read More