Hopping Mad or Hopping Healthy!

Hopping can have health benefits according to a study reported by the Daily Telegraph (Finnigan, 2015).

The Hip Hop Study from Loughborough University shows that hopping for two minutes a day improved bone mineral density in the active compared with the non-active leg of 34 men aged 65-80 years.Older Person (2)

In the Book ‘Hopscotch’ (Jaffe, 2002), it explains that British children learned hopscotch from Roman soldiers, who played a version of the game as a test of strength and speed. If memory serves, they were fairly decent soldiers for a while! Although I can’t really envisage Para’s and Commando’s starting a new hopping craze (LOL).


Finnigan, L. (2015) Experts Say Hopping for Two Minutes a Day Could Reduce Osteoporosis Risk. Available from World Wide Web: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/elder/11857542/Experts-say-hopping-for-two-minutes-a-day-could-reduce-osteoporosis-risk.html. [Accessed: 27 September, 2015].

Jaffe, E.D. (2002) Hopscotch (Games Around the World). Chicago, IL: Compass Point Books.


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