How Many British Military Personnel have changed their Nationality from Commonwealth to British between 2003 & 2017?

The British Ministry of Defence (MOD) does not hold information on personnel who have changed their nationality from Commonwealth to British. However, there were: 153 personnel who had British as their first nationality and a Commonwealth country as their second nationality (although the MOD cannot accurately tell if they joined the British armed forces directly… Read More


What is the Number of Commonwealth Personnel the Royal Navy/Royal Marines have Recruited between 2003 & 2017?

The number of personnel the Naval Service (Royal Navy and Royal Marines) has recruited from the Commonwealth from 2003 to 2017 is: 2003/2004: 16. 2004/2005: 4. 2005/2006: 8. 2006/2007: 11. 2007/2008: 91. 2008/2009: 161. 2009/2010: 111. 2010/2011: 71. 2011/2012: 46. 2012/2013: 67. 2013/2014: 47 2014/2015: 28. 2015/2016: 11. 2016/2017: 14. 2017/2018: 19. Total: 705. Reference… Read More

What are the Residency Requirements for the Military Recruitment of Commonwealth Citizens?

In a Written Statement on 12 May 2016, the Minister for the Armed Forces observed the long tradition of Commonwealth citizens serving in the British Armed Forces, and that their service provides an important contribution in defending the UK. The written statement confirmed that the Commonwealth recruitment rules which require five years’ UK residency have… Read More