Calming Manpower…

“Russians, in the knowledge of inexhaustible supplies of manpower, are accustomed to accepting gigantic fatalities with comparative calm.” Barbara W. Tuchman (1912 to 1989) Barbara Wertheim Tuchman was an American historian and author. She won the Pulitzer Prize twice, for The Guns of August, a best-selling history of the prelude to and the first month… Read More


What is the Basis on which the British Armed Forces is Exempt from Disability & Age Discrimination?

Legisation The British Armed Forces are exempt from the age related provisions of the Article 13 EC Employment Directive 2000 (Employment Directive 2000/78/EC). This allows Member States to provide that the Directive, insofar as it relates to discrimination on the grounds of disability and age, shall not apply to service in the Armed Forces. The… Read More

What is the Size of the British Armed Forces since 1700?

I have always been interested to know how the size of the British armed forces has fluctuated over the years, and the statistics in a FOI request from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) makes interesting reading. FOI – Size of the UK Armed Forces Since 1700. From 1700 to 1900, as you might expect, the… Read More