Who was Lanoe Hawker

Lanoe George Hawker, VC, DSO (30 December 1890 to 23 November 1916) was a British flying ace of the First World War. Having seven credited victories, he was the third pilot to receive the Victoria Cross, the highest decoration for gallantry awarded to British and Commonwealth servicemen. He was killed in a dogfight with the… Read More


Who was Mick Mannock?

Introduction Edward Corringham “Mick” Mannock VC, DSO & Two Bars, MC & Bar (24 May 1887 to 26 July 1918) was a British flying ace in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force during the First World War. Mannock was a pioneer of fighter aircraft tactics in aerial warfare. At the time of his… Read More

Who was Alan Arnett McLeod?

Introduction Alan Arnett McLeod, VC (20 April 1899 to 06 November 1918) was a Canadian soldier, aviator, and a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. McLeod served as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps and… Read More

Who was Laurence Wilfred Allen?

Introduction Laurence Wilfred Allen MC was an English World War I flying ace. He was credited with ten confirmed victories while serving as an observer/gunner in Bristol F.2 Fighters. Early Life Lieutenant Laurence Wilfred Allen, alias Laurence William Allen, was born in Coventry, England on 14 September 1892. World War I Allen was originally a… Read More

Celebrating 100 Years of The RAF’s Contribution to Medicine

Research Paper Title 100 years of the Royal Air Force’s contribution to medicine: providing care in the air and delivering care by air. Abstract The Royal Air Force (RAF) came into being during World War I as the world’s first independent air force on the 1 April 1918, amalgamating elements of the Royal Flying Corps… Read More

What is the Size of the British Armed Forces since 1700?

I have always been interested to know how the size of the British armed forces has fluctuated over the years, and the statistics in a FOI request from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) makes interesting reading. FOI – Size of the UK Armed Forces Since 1700. From 1700 to 1900, as you might expect, the… Read More