Who was Laurence Wilfred Allen?

Introduction Laurence Wilfred Allen MC was an English World War I flying ace. He was credited with ten confirmed victories while serving as an observer/gunner in Bristol F.2 Fighters. Early Life Lieutenant Laurence Wilfred Allen, alias Laurence William Allen, was born in Coventry, England on 14 September 1892. World War I Allen was originally a… Read More


Live with the Men…

“Live with the men, go everywhere they go. Make up your mind you will take their risks, and more, if you can do any good. the line is the key to the whole business. Work in the very front and they will listen to you; but if you stay behind you are wasting your time.… Read More

The Horrors of War & Democratisation…

“The greatest intensification of the horrors of war is a direct result of the democratisation of the state. So long as the army was a professional unit, the specialist function of a limited number of men, war remained a relatively harmless contest for power. But once it became everyman’s duty to defend his home (or… Read More