British Army Restructure Planned

Sweeping changes to the structure and capabilities of the Armed Forces – the most significant since the end of the Cold War – have been announced by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. The integrated review of foreign and defence policy will see £23 billion spent on making the Army more cutting-edge and lethal. It will result… Read More


What is a Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB)?

Introduction Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs) (pronounced: S Fab) are specialised United States (US) Army units formed to train, advise, assist, enable and accompany operations with allied and partner nations. SFAB’s are intended to reduce the burden of such operations on conventionally-organised Brigade Combat Teams (BCT’s), allowing BCT’s to focus on fighting near-peer threats. Designed… Read More

What is the Specialised Infantry Group?

Introduction The Specialised Infantry Group (Spec Inf Gp) is a formation of the British Army, created as a result of the Army 2020 Refine reorganisation, intended to train foreign forces. The group fulfils a similar role to the US Army Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs). Refer to the Ranger Regiment (part of the British Army… Read More