New Role for 42 Commando

42 Commando now operates as a specialised Maritime Operations unit.

Consequently, the organisation of 42 Commando is now different to that of 40 and 45 Commandos.

Although the naming of the companies remains unchanged (J Company, K Company, L Company, M Company, including Command and Logistics Elements), 42 Commando is now focussed on small team activity, meaning a traditional troop/section structure was deemed unsuitable.

However, two companies are still based loosely on the Commando 21 structure, although this will evolve over time as 42 Commando settles into its new role.

Commando 21

“After more than forty years of operating using the British Army order of battle, the Royal Marines Command has decided to change the structure of its commando units to a new structure known as Commando 21.” (White, 2002, p.iii).

For more on the history and purpose of the Commando 21 restructure then see the reference.


White, H.J. (2002) Commando 21: An Increase in Combat Power and Flexibility. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 08 November, 2017].


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