Deployable Primary Care: From Regimental Aid Post to Medical Reception Station

Research Paper Title The Medical Reception Station: a new primary care capability for 3 Commando Brigade. Abstract 3 Commando Brigade’s delivery of pre-hospital (Role 1) care has until now largely been based around junior doctors delivering trauma-based resuscitation and limited primary care from small self-contained Regimental Aid Posts (RAPs). With the drawdown of large scale… Read More


Asthma & Exercise: A Testing Issue?

Research Paper Title Asthma and Exercise; A Testing Issue? Abstract There is an increasing prevalence of allergy and asthma in children in the European population, with most recent estimates in young people showing an atopy prevalence of 20% and an asthma prevalence of 8% (1). This increasing asthma prevalence has resulted in an increasing number of asthmatics entering the workforce, producing new… Read More