How Strong Relationships Affect Military Morale

Of all the potentially dangerous professions in the world, few compare with the extremes faced by military personnel. There are benefits: regular medical checks, exceptional health insurance, generous vacation allowances, educational opportunities, and excellent pay. But soldiers on active service face the possibility of death, serious physical injury, or mental scars. For those in service, friends and partners form an invaluable support network. Experts of this site – about relationships and acquaintances – shared tips for maintaining relationships and soldier morale.

Why is the Support of Loved Ones so Important for the Military?

The world can be a deadly place, with members of the armed forces in the Western World constantly having to be vigilant. In recent years political instability has prompted civil wars in the Middle East, leading to an ever-present threat of terrorism. There have been attacks on the streets of France, England, Austria, and many other locations. For those in the military, knowing loved ones can be relied on to provide a support network has never been so vital. Wherever soldiers happen to be stationed, in bases on home soil or makeshift barracks in a warzone, even something as basic as having family photographs around their living quarters or as screensavers on their gadgets, can be of immense comfort. These provide a window into a world beyond their current existence, a safe place they can appreciate they will be visiting again when their next period of leave comes around.

Tips for Keeping a Relationship Strong during Deployment and Separation

Communication is the cornerstone of maintaining a strong relationship. With modern technological advances, people that work far away from their home, be it soldiers or anyone else, can remain in regular contact with family, even when thousands of miles distant. Virtual reality headsets allow for even more potent messaging, with loved ones able to connect in ultra-realistic ways their predecessors from previous generations could only have dreamed about.

What is important to understand is that people in relationships must support each other, no matter what. Regular calls and letter sending might seem insignificant, or even an old-fashioned way of communication. However, that’s completely untrue. Both men and women crave love. Being alone (without your loved ones) for a long time makes life stressful. If you care about your partner who is currently elsewhere on their duty, some words of encouragement are always like a sweet remedy for them. A lot of people keep their relationship sturdy despite being separated by circumstances. A little advice for people, waiting for their significant other to return from abroad: be patient, be confident in your partner. The distance might seem like an obstacle or even a challenge to your happiness, but in reality, it might become the thing that makes your love so special. Imagine all the things you will be doing together, once you are with your partner again. The long absence will be paid off with all the emotions and heart-warming memories of reunion.

New York Army National Guard Sgt. 1st Class Theresa Barone-Lopez embraces her daughter Juliana at the Albany International Airport on Jan. 27, 2016. Barone-Lopez was among 50 Soldiers of the 42nd Infantry Division who deployed to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in April 2015. They served as members of the headquarters element for Joint Task Force Guantanamo, and provided administrative support to the task force. Barone-Lopez lives in Amsterdam, N.Y. ( U.S. National Guard Photo by Master Sgt. Raymond Drumsta)

Why Do Family Relationships Affect Soldiers’ Morale?

The armed services place a high value on relationships, appreciating that loved ones can do so much to boost a person’s morale during difficult periods. Without a strong sense of morale, a soldier will be more liable to succumb to issues like PTSD or find themselves lacking in commitment at crucial times during deployment. The military relies on a chain of command that enables its personnel to work to the best of their abilities to achieve goals. If morale has been sapped for whatever reason, this might prompt an individual to be less effective.

Soldiers need to have a clear idea of why they are being called upon to put their lives at risk, whether they have been stationed somewhere to counter terrorism or general criminality, such as drug running. While there is always a degree of patriotism involved in ‘defending the nation,’ the degree of commitment to their cause can boil down to being committed to fighting for their loved ones.

Joining the military was often regarded as an escape route for those in the lower levels of society, an alternative to mundane jobs or unemployment. But going into service today is seen as a positive career progression, offering training and personal development. There will always be risks, but a strong emphasis on family relationships is crucial to maintaining morale.


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