The World’s Largest Navy…

“Within four years [1809], the [Royal] navy had 113 seaworthy ships of the line, to which were added the 596 cruisers, which had trebled in number since 1793, as the navy used every sinew to prosecute the war: it was the only time in history before the Second World War that one navy deployed half… Read More


Predicting & Reducing Voluntary Outflow in the Royal Navy.

Research Paper Title Predicting and Reducing Voluntary Outflow in the Royal Navy. Abstract This research speaks to one of the major concerns facing the modern Royal Navy (RN), especially given the current economic and political climate – that is how to achieve and maintain the correct level of manpower to meet functional and operational requirements. The rate of Voluntary Outflow (VO:… Read More

Warrant Officers & the British Armed Forces

“…though the ranks are few, the appointments which may be held by them are many. Indeed, there are, today, over seventy appointments among the Warrant Officers…” (Dawnay, 1949, p.3). The rank of warrant officer has a rather interesting history which is not well known, even amongst those who hold that rank. The military grade of… Read More

How Many Twitter Accounts does the MOD Maintain?

The MOD currently maintains 123 separate twitter accounts. MOD: @DefenceHQ @ArmedForcesDay @SoldierUK @UKForcesAfghan @DefenceImages @HQARRC @defencemedia @MODGibraltar @SaBRE_Support @DRM_Support @mod_des_jobs @MOD_DIO @VeteransUK_MOD @bfcyprus @DefenceMedia Royal Navy @RoyalNavy @BOA1943 @HMSPortlan @HMSMontrose @RoyalNavy_LGBT @HMSPresident @HMSKingAlfred @RNRMWelfare @HMSBangor @TeamRN1 British Army @britisharmy @armyjobs @theironfist @YORKS_REGT @combatphot @theroyalwelsh @engineersband @RIFLESband @Queens_Div_Band @TheRLCBand @RGBandandDrums @RaBand1762 @remeband @PARA_Band @agc_band @MercianRegiment @ColdstreamBand… Read More

Royal Navy: Admirals to Warships Ratio

Did you that the Royal Navy has more Admirals than warships (capital ships such as frigates, destroyers and submarines). As at January 2015 the Royal Navy had 38 Admirals: 1 Admiral; 7 Vice Admirals; and 30 Rear Admirals. This is in contrast to the 33 warships: 13 frigates; 6 destroyers; and 14 submarines. FOI 2015… Read More

UK Naval Service: Injury & Return to Work

Research Paper Title The Injury Burden of Recent Combat Operations: Mortality, Morbidity, and Return to Service of U.K. Naval Service Personnel following Combat Trauma. Background The study establishes the functional outcomes of service personnel injured in current conflicts by correlating data on initial injury to the findings of medical boards after trauma and reconstructive treatment.… Read More

Website Stats for the UK Military

Below are some vital statistics for the UK Military’s official websites: British Army: UK Rank: 4,805 Worldwide Rank: 83,007 Monthly Pages Viewed: 961,178 Monthly Visits: 448,488 Naval Service (Royal Navy & Royal Marines): UK Rank: 3,903 Worldwide Rank: 69,909 Monthly Pages Viewed: 813,758 Monthly Visits: 267,421 Royal Air Force: UK Rank: 2,683… Read More