What was the Battle of Grenada (1779)?

Introduction The Battle of Grenada took place on 06 July 1779 during the American Revolutionary War in the West Indies between the British Royal Navy and the French Navy, just off the coast of Grenada. The British fleet of Admiral John Byron (the grandfather of Lord Byron) had sailed in an attempt to relieve Grenada,… Read More


What was the Capture of Grenada (1779)?

Introduction The Capture of Grenada was an amphibious expedition in July 1779 during the American Revolutionary War. Charles Hector, comte D’Estaing led French forces against the British-held West Indies island of Grenada. The French forces landed on 02 July and the assault occurred on the night of 03-04 July. The French forces assaulted the British… Read More

What was the US Invasion of Grenada (1983)?

Introduction The United States (US) invasion of Grenada began at dawn on 25 October 1983. The US and a coalition of six Caribbean nations invaded the island nation of Grenada, 100 miles (160 km) north of Venezuela. Codenamed Operation Urgent Fury by the US military, it resulted in military occupation within a few days. It… Read More