What was War Plan Red?

Introduction War Plan Red, also known as the Atlantic Strategic War Plan, was one of the colour-coded war plans created by the United States Department of War during the interwar period of 1919-1939, covering scenarios related to a hypothetical war with the British Empire (the “Red” forces, likely in reference to the Red Ensign). Many… Read More


What is Defenders Day (Maryland)?

Introduction Defenders Day is a longtime legal holiday on 12 September, in the US state of Maryland, in the City of Baltimore and surrounding Baltimore County. It commemorates the successful defence of the city of Baltimore on 12-14 September 1814 from a British force during the War of 1812, an event which led to the… Read More

What was the Little Belt Affair (1811)?

Introduction The Little Belt affair was a naval battle on the night of 16 May 1811. It involved the United States frigate USS President and the British sixth-rate HMS Little Belt, a sloop-of-war, which had originally been the Danish ship Lillebælt, before being captured by the British in the 1807 Battle of Copenhagen. The encounter… Read More

What was the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair (1807)?

Introduction The Chesapeake-Leopard affair was a naval engagement off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia, on 22 June 1807, between the British fourth-rate HMS Leopard and the American frigate USS Chesapeake. The crew of Leopard pursued, attacked, and boarded the American frigate, looking for deserters from the Royal Navy. Chesapeake was caught unprepared and after a… Read More

What was the War of 1812?

Introduction The War of 1812 (18 June 1812 to 17 February 1815) was a conflict fought between the United States and its allies, and the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Ireland and its dependent colonies in North America and indigenous allies. It began when the United States (US) declared war in June 1812,… Read More

What was the Battle of Chateauguay (1812)?

Introduction The Battle of the Chateauguay was an engagement of the War of 1812. On 26 October 1813, a Canadian force consisting of 1,530 regulars, volunteers, militia and Native Americans from Lower Canada, commanded by Charles de Salaberry, repelled an American force of about 2,600 regulars which was attempting to invade Lower Canada and ultimately… Read More

What was the Battle of the Thames (1813)?

Introduction The Battle of the Thames, also known as the Battle of Moraviantown, was an American victory in the War of 1812 against Tecumseh’s Confederacy and their British allies. It took place on 05 October 1813 in Upper Canada, near Chatham. The British lost control of Southwestern Ontario as a result of the battle; Tecumseh… Read More