What is Reduction In Rank

Introduction Reduction in rank may refer to three separate concepts: Brief History Reduction in rank (Latin gradus deiectio meaning position degradation) was a Roman military punishment. United States In the United States, courts-martial may adjudge reduction to any enlisted member to the lowest or any intermediate pay grade. However, a summary court-martial may not sentence… Read More


What is a Military Court (China)?

Introduction The Military Court of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (referred to as the Military Court of the PLA) is the highest level military court (High Military Court, a special people’s court executing the authority of the High People’s Court) established by the People’s Republic of China within the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with jurisdiction… Read More

What is a Court Martial?

Introduction A court martial or court-martial (plural courts martial or courts-martial, as “martial” is a postpositive adjective) is a military court or a trial conducted in such a court. A court-martial is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces subject to military law, and, if the defendant is found guilty, to… Read More

What is Martial Law?

Introduction Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civil functions or suspension of civil law by a government, especially in response to an emergency where civil forces are overwhelmed, or in an occupied territory. Use Martial law can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public, as seen… Read More

What Happens If You Commit A Crime In The Military?

Introduction Scenario: You have been involved in some form of altercation while off-base or on leave, and now you are facing arrest. If you are arrested while serving in the military, what are your options? Continue reading this article to discover more about how expressing your legal rights may have a profound impact on your… Read More

Court Martial? 3 Reasons To Consult A Civilian Military Lawyer

Military personnel are legally-bound and expected to abide by their respective military rules, including its military justice system. For members of the United States military, this set of legal standards are enshrined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (USMJ). When accused of any violation, the individual (defendant) will face a court-martial to determine guilt… Read More